AT Personal Services Plus (PSP) WE help OUR clients reach their goals through Consulting, Coaching, and Training


  • Community Relations

  • Public Relations 

  • Strategic Engagement 

  • Competitive Market Positioning 


  • Executive Coaching

  • Success Coaching 


  • Leadership

  • Management Development

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Team Building

  • Employee Engagement

  • Protocol & Business Etiquette


Wendy Gladney started Personal Services Plus close to 30 years ago with the intent of running the best event company in Southern California.  Over time, her company grew to accommodate the needs of her clients in the areas of community and public relations, strategic engagement, and success coaching. Wendy also created the first Diversity Program for Hyundai Motor America, Inc., and worked with the Diversity Department at Albertson’s... 

Ron Williams is an internationally recognized speaker and trainer with more than thirty years experience in the public and private sectors. As a trainer, educator, and expert on leadership, Ron has developed a unique way of presenting information he calls “edutainment”. This high energy and highly interactive style combines thought provoking content with an entertaining delivery that makes audiences think, laugh, learn, and have a positive fun-filled experience. Ron’s insights on 21st century leadership, employee engagement, developing customer loyalty, succession management, and strategic alignment make him one of the nation’s leading resources in understanding organizational and individual success and achievement...




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