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Ron Williams is an internationally recognized speaker and trainer with more than thirty years experience in the public and private sectors. As a trainer, educator, and expert on leadership, Ron has developed a unique way of presenting information he calls “edutainment”. This high energy and highly interactive style combines thought provoking content with an entertaining delivery that makes audiences think, laugh, learn, and have a positive fun-filled experience. Ron’s insights on 21st century leadership, employee engagement, developing customer loyalty, succession management, and strategic alignment make him one of the nation’s leading resources in understanding organizational and individual success and achievement.

A graduate of Creighton University, Ron has held many high-profile positions in his career. He has been Chief of Staff for the HR Department for the District of Columbia, he also was General Manager of the Western Region for Nike, Inc. While at Nike, Ron created the Corporate Diversity program where he was its first Director, as well as being the Director of Training and Development. Ron has also held key managerial roles at Champion Products, Pelle Pelle, and Wilson Sporting Goods.  Ron has worked with many federal government agencies in the United States, helping them develop programs to optimize their human capital.  He has also conducted educational programs for organizations in a variety of industries helping grow their leadership teams, build morale, increase customer satisfaction, and work more effectively as a team. Ron has coached the C-Suite, as well as all other levels of management.  He has also done training in international markets. 

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