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Hard Work Pays Off

Something has happened in society that I have noticed over the last few years and that is many people believe work is hard and they do not want to do it. I am proud to say that I have always had a good work ethic. My grandmother instilled in me at an early age that the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary. She used to always say, “the early bird gets the worm.” She would tell me that someone may have more talent than me, but no one should ever outwork me. I heard my husband tell a friend that the reason the Milwaukee Bucks won the NBA championship was that they outworked the Phoenix Suns, his friend replied the Suns should have won because they had more talent, my husband told him hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard. Have you heard people tell someone before they start something that “it is a lot of work”? When people say that, is that an excuse to avoid getting started? My experience has taught me that if something is not a lot of work, it is probably not worth my time, effort, or energy. Raising two kids as a single parent was “a lot of work” but it paid off. Running a successful business for thirty years was “a lot of work” but it paid off. Hard work has always been an opportunity for me to excel, to get better, to grow and to fulfill my purpose. I love to work hard as well as to work smart.

I recently had to admit to myself that the pandemic had affected me in a variety of ways that were not immediately evident. For the past year, I felt like I was in a professional slump, I was stuck, and I could not find my way out. I was going in circles. When we are in a slump, we can feed ourselves all kinds of excuses of why we are not where we want to be or should be. I was confusing activity with accomplishment. I realized I was looking for a silver bullet to recapture my “mojo”. I hoped for successful outcomes to increase my income, but hope was not a good business strategy. I knew in order to get the necessary inspiration and motivation I had to create more perspiration, which meant “hard work”. After reading a wonderful business self-help book I started a 10-day challenge to find new business. As I was working on my 10-day challenge, one of the first things I had to do was get out of my own way. The next thing I had to do was get out of my comfort zone and be willing to try new things. Once I pushed through these obstacles it was amazing the way the doors (and windows) began to fling wide open and I believe the same thing can happen for anyone that is willing to put in the work. After completing this challenge (which I am happy to share I achieved my goal), I was excited, energized, and encouraged that we really can complete whatever we put our minds to and are willing to put in the work.

Working hard has made me a harder worker. I realize that sometimes you can work hard and not achieve your goals but I also know that success demands hard work. Having a successful marriage is hard work. Starting a business is hard work. Raising children and grandchildren is hard work. Not feeling defeated and depressed is hard work. But you know what: Hard work pays off.

Healing Without Hate: It's a choice. It's a lifestyle. Pass it on!

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