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Let Us Be Summertime Smart

Last week I wrote about the celebration of two memorable days in the month of June, Juneteenth and Father’s Day. There is another day this month that all Californians will remember and that is June 15th.

This is the day that Governor Gavin Newsom decided to reopen the state and lift pandemic executive orders. I question by terminating the Stay-at-Home Order and officially permitting restaurants, shopping malls, movie theaters, and most other places of business to be open at full capacity is he helping or hurting us. We can feel encouraged that the state has made substantial progress in the fight against COVID-19, with nearly 40 million vaccines administered and having one of the lowest case rates in the entire country. But is now the time to eliminate physical distancing, capacity restrictions, and masks for vaccinated Californians? This bold move may give the impression the pandemic is behind us, even though by most calculations it is not. Was this done because we are no longer threatened by this horrible and insidious virus or is it being done to reopen the economy and make up for lost tax revenues?

I know for most of us summer is the time we rest, relax and regroup but we cannot let our guards down and we must stay vigilant and cautious and follow CDC guidelines. There are still places you will wear a mask such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, homeless shelters, and public transit. If you are planning to go to big outdoor events like concerts, festivals, sporting events, or conventions there are guidelines. For indoor events of 5,000 people or more, attendees must confirm proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 status in order to attend. For outdoor events of 10,000 people or more it is recommended that attendees confirm proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 status to attend, due to increased risk caused by travel and crowds.

I personally look forward to enjoying and spending my summer being a little lazy and relaxing in my backyard reading a good book, enjoying summer fruits and a tall glass of iced tea. My husband will help get my golf game together so I will be on the links trying to hit that little white ball long and straight. I will also do some traveling to places where the sun is hot, the pool or beach waters are warm and the drinks are cold. Summer is the time of year where we should spend more time with friends and family, especially after being quarantined for the last fifteen months. I plan on doing what the Sly & The Family Stone song said, have “Hot Fun in the Summertime”.

There are a lot of ways we can enjoy and have a happy summer and stay safe. If you have not been vaccinated now is the time. Anyone over the age of 12 is now eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccination. You can visit or call (800) 232-0233. My advice to you is, do not throw away your masks just yet, continue to wear them when you are in crowded areas and around people you do not know if they have been vaccinated, also stay six feet apart when in public areas where you do not know the people you are mingling with. Practicing these standards will help to continue bring down the rise of the virus.

Whatever you plan to do just play safe and use common sense.

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Visit and to learn more. Wendy is a life strategist, coach, consultant, author, and speaker.

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