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Now What?

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) crept up on most of us like a thief in the night. It came so unexpectedly. Who could have ever imagined we would experience such an epidemic in our lifetime? Most of us were not (and possibly still aren’t) prepared for the changes that would happen in our day to day lives. As time continues to move forward the consequences have been devastating. Families have lost loved ones, businesses have closed, and for all of us our day to day routines will forever be changed. But no matter what, we must all maintain the attitude that we are in this together and strive to come out on the other side wiser.

This past week kicked off the holiest of holidays for many across the globe. Passover began on April 8th, Christians celebrated the resurrection of Christ this past Sunday, and Ramadan will begin April 23rd. More than any other time of the year, this season represents hope and renewal. Each day when I get up, I am grateful for the opportunities that are still yet before me. With the dawning of each new sunrise comes hope and with every sunset we can be grateful for the blessings that day gave us. No matter what, we are still here.

The question most of us are asking is what now? How do we continue to move forward in what seems to have become our new normal? There are some answers that will only be revealed in time. There’s a lot of pressure, especially on social media, that we should be using this time to achieve as much as we can, do all the things we never had the time to do and come out wealthier and stronger. Although I was first drawn to this philosophy, I had to stop myself and think things through. After a conversation with my daughter, it became clearer to me that we all move through tragedies at a different pace. We must be kind to others as well as to ourselves and move at our own speed. Life is not a sprint, but rather a marathon.

What now? For me, I am trying to stay true to myself and my calling. But when I am not having a good day, I am learning to be kind to myself and give myself whatever time and space I may need to heal from this abrupt change in our day to day schedules and lives. Truth be told, I am used to moving at a pretty rapid pace. Slowing down has been a bit difficult for me. However, what I am learning is as life is forcing me to step back and reset, I am sleeping more and a bit better; I have time to work on projects that have been on the back burner and they are providing joy to my soul. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. We all work hard in our own way and at our own speed to meet this challenge.

What we must all understand is we need to show compassion towards others and realize people work through tough times differently. It’s not one size fits all. We must be kind. We must not pass judgment. One of the things that has become clear is we can be up one day and down the next. Just as in years past whether It was the Spanish Flu of 1918; or the Great Depression of 1929; or the Asian Flu (H2N2) in 1957; or the Swine Flu of 1976; or any other tragedy that has hit mankind, the way we survive and eventually thrive again is through loving one another and standing together.

What now? Continue to move forward the best way you know how. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask. If you feel like completing your next or first novel, go right ahead. If you need to rest and take things slow, so be it. As for me and my house we will continue to serve the Lord, take one day at a time and help others.

Healing Without Hate: It's a choice. It's a lifestyle. Pass it on!

Visit and to learn more. Wendy is an international coach, consultant, trainer, author and speaker.

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