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She Was Notorious and Glorious…Supreme Court Justice RBG!

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg stood at 5’1 and weighed less than most of us; yet what she accomplished during her lifetime stands tall against giants across the board. She was given the nickname, “Notorious RBG,” and she lived up to that name until the end. People who went up against her eventually came to realize that her quiet nature did not mean she was a pushover. She was modest, humble, and glorious. How many people can you name that hold these qualities? Her mother told her to always be a lady, which meant to be your own person and independent. No one could ever question if she were a lady in her demeanor or style. Sometimes being a lady has been underrated.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg believed that we should fight for the things we care about, but we need to do it in such a way that encourages others to join in what you are fighting for. During her lifetime she sacrificed a lot personally to help make the world a better place. She has been compared to Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall who was a civil rights giant. They both demanded equality for all and for America to live up to the promises laid out in the Constitution and Bill of Rights for all its citizens. We are currently living in a time, once again, where America is forced to look in the mirror to see how they are treating all their citizens. If we are going to come out of this on the right side of justice, we must be willing to sacrifice and do our part. Freedom is not necessarily free.

RBG died on September 18th which happens to be my mother’s birthday. Of course, I knew who RBG was and many of the accomplishments she achieved over the years, but upon her death it made me a little more inquisitive to learn more about this small lady of great stature. We can all read about her professional achievements, so I would like to share two things about her personal life that really touched me. I recently celebrated my 59th birthday and with everything that is going on right now, I sometimes have questioned what is next for me? What can I still accomplish during my lifetime? When I read that she was 60 years old when she was appointed to the Supreme Court, it made me feel the possibility that there is still so much more ahead for me. Often what we do along our journey opens the doors for where we are meant to end up.

The second thing that really spoke to me was her relationship with her husband Marty. He was so supportive of her work and calling in life. He was never intimidated by her accomplishments. Not only did he encourage her, but he was her biggest fan and advocate. They were a true partnership and example of how positive a relationship can really be. I have been challenged in this area, but I am thankful that I now understand what that type of relationship looks and feels like. Having a husband that stands with you can help you accomplish anything life throws your way. One of the things RBG shared is that it helps to be a little deaf sometimes. Funny, my husband recently said the same thing. Do not major in the minors.

Whether male or female, Black or white, Democrat or Republican, we all have so much we can learn from the life of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. We cannot let her life be in vain. We must all pick up our torch and continue the race. We must be notorious to bring about justice and the changes necessary for our country to survive our current crisis. We may be “Ruthless,” but her legacy will live on.

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