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Why is Finding One's Purpose Such a Struggle?

For as long as I can remember I have been sharing the importance of learning your meaning, so you can develop your message, which will allow you to carry out your mission. One’s mission and purpose are synonymous. Many people today have failed to identify their purpose or have refused to accept their purpose. Regardless of where you are on your life’s journey, at some time in your life you have probably asked yourself, “What is my purpose in life?” The sad truth is many of us do not even know where to start to find it. We have often allowed the circumstances and situations of life to force us to be reactive rather than proactive concerning our purpose in life. Some of us have followed the path of least resistance rather than pushing through to find our true meaning.

My husband talks about people who are either a wandering generality or a meaningful specific. The meaningful specifics are people who are very aware of their purpose in life. They have a sense of clarity, they are laser-focused, driven, and live in the present. They are connected to the needs and values that drive them. They have decided in their heart and soul what is right for them. Meaningful specifics operate from a position of strength, intentionality and are unapologetically confident and they rarely entertain two of the things that keep many of us from finding our purpose or achieving our mission, which is fear and failure. Most choices and decisions made from fear will be wrong and often self-sabotaging causing us failure.

Many of us know how to generalize or play like we know what our purpose is. We say something such as, “I like helping people,” but we do not know how to make that happen because our concept is too broad, we are a wandering generality. Helping people is good and admirable, especially in today’s world, but we can be more effective if we are able to hone in on how we believe we can specifically help people. We could start by asking ourselves the question of what kind of help do we believe we can provide? Who do we specifically want to target to help? How do we plan to go about achieving this goal to help others? Asking those types of questions helps pave a smooth road on the way to clarifying our purpose.

The pandemic has caused a hiccup for some of us where we have become stagnant in fulfilling our purpose. Sometimes this is because we have not given what we do or have been purposed to do the right focus and attention. It is easy to allow ourselves to stay in a haze. Sometimes we spread ourselves across various platforms and it can be confusing to those who are watching and want to understand exactly what it is we do. It is okay to have your hands on multiple things but make sure your message is clear regarding your objectives and what you want others to glean.

Life’s circumstances, and the choices we make along the way all play a role in our purpose. If you feel stuck on where to start, just take a long look at your life. Your current situation may be the path that has led you right where you are supposed to be. We can either choose to look at everything with open eyes and see how all of it plays a role in our purpose, or we can run from all of it. When we take the time to carefully examine the things in our lives, we will see how even the tragedies can be used towards our purpose. When it comes to your life’s purpose it does not have to be a struggle. Relax and just take a moment to listen to your heart.

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